Founded in 1972, Long Swimming Pool Steel, Inc.'s (LSPS, Inc.'s) rise as the preeminent pool construction subcontractor of its time paved the way for others to follow. LSPS, Inc.'s services consist of excavation, steel rebar installation, plumbing and electrical in the new construction and remodel of swimming pools.

LSPS, Inc.'s unparalleled quality and its' mission of excellence towards customer service and satisfaction provides the winning edge in a competitive market. LSPS, Inc. capitalizes on the loyalty, commitment and dedication of its' winning team to provide an environment which each individual has the opportunity to reach their maximum potential as well as contribute to the company's growth and success.

We will strive to constantly improve the manner in which we operate both individually and collectively. LSPS, Inc.'s success will be determined not on the performance of a few individuals but on how well we operate as a team.

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  • We believe in providing the best possible service
  • We believe in growing our business relationships
  • We believe every employee on our team has an important role to play







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